Gambia Guide

Fancy learning more about The Gambia before your holiday in the country? We've put together this guide to showcase the ins and outs of life in The Gambia, as well as the many things to see and do during your holiday.

The Gambia may be a small country, in fact, it is mainland Africa’s smallest nation, but there is a myriad of things to see, do and discover across The Gambia, from immense history, culture and natural beauty, to beaches, food and friendly people. 

The Gambia is something of an ‘undiscovered gem’, which is surprising considering the quality of the climate, the affordability of visiting the country, and the variety of experiences and holidays the country can offer. It is a great destination for winter sun holidays, ensuring you can get that much-needed dose of Vitamin D when the cold and gloomy weather rolls into Europe, but year-round you’ll find great rewards in a visit.

The Gambia has a rich and varied history and a wide range of landscapes all of which are worth seeing during your time there. The Gambia’s small size, and the willingness of the people to help, generally means all these places are readily accessible, and you'll find you are welcomed with open arms wherever you go. 

We hope this guide to the country will help you learn more about The Gambia and the type of holiday you can enjoy there.